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Fatal Crossroads

The incident at Holzheim

Ted Paluch

This wartime interview with Malmedy survivor Ted Paluch, was filmed by the U.S. Army in action in Germany on 2 February 1945.

Archival Media

In this section you'll find various bits of archival media that was found during the research of this book. If you own a copy of Fatal Crossroads, you can get access to even more exclusive content related to the book.



Baugnez and Belgium

Editor’s Cut: This is the original opening to Chapter 11 which was sensibly stripped in interest of length. However, the section is arguably interesting to those who might be looking for insight into the strange history of Belgium and how the charming area became so culturally confounded....

Editor's Cuts

In this section you'll find book content that was ultimately cut out from the published book. Click the links at the left to dive in!

Equivalent Ranks

Fatal Crossroads uses the Americanized ranks for German SS troopers involved in the incident. Here are the equivalent Ranks of Waffen SS, German Army and U.S. Army in 1944. Note that there are a few ranks (such as SS-Oberführer) for which there is no direct equivalent.