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Historical Tours

I ocassionally do tours of the Ardennes privately, or with "Tours International". 

Drop me a line if you are interested or sign up with Tours International.

Another option - Tour the Ardennes from your favorite armchair!

You may also want to check out these WW II  Hands-On History Guides!

Biography - Danny Parker

Danny S. Parker has been a student of the Second World War in Europe for over thirty years.


I've been writing about the Second World War since 1988, resulting in several published books. I'm an expert of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 and most of my work on Military History revolves around that theme. I also occasionally conduct tours and still maintain an active interest in preserving the history of the war.

Past is Prologue: By appreciating the past, we can anticipate the future.

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World War II Magazine

"War's Last Eruption," World War II (May 1990): pp. 42-49.

"Tiger Tanks in the Bulge," World War II (March 1990), p. 8.

"A Ten Percent Chance of Victory," World War II (July 1992), p. 46-62.

Battle of the Bulge - Then and Now - photo comparison

Books by Danny S. Parker

Danny has written numerous World War II books...