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  • Page ix: last paragraph, third to last line: change spelling of Schmidt to Schmitt
  • p. 10: last sentence, Eisenhower was the commander of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF).
  • p. 17: last paragraph, first sentence: "...headquarters in western Germany"
  • Page 31: last sentence in page and the rest of the entire paragraph: “Then another frustration....” is misplaced. Should be inserted as a new paragraph just before “In total darkness...” on the following page. The story of the Panther tanks (No. 113 and 122)  running over the mines is somewhat out of sequence; this happened after Peiper had negotiated the blown overpass near Hallschlag, then reached Losheim and moved for Hüllscheid on a secondary road just before dark.  The minefield was about 400 meters west of Losheim.
  • Page 94: Manfred Thorn’s rank in the Ardennes was SS Rottenführer such that his U.S. equivalent rank should be SS-Corp. throughout the book.
  • Page 154: last sentence on the page is missing a question mark which should appear at its end.
  • Page 241: According to a well-informed source, forwarded to the author, Werner Sternebeck died of natural causes after a garden party at his home on his birthday in 1990. It was his son, who actually committed suicide and thereby the confusion within the rumor.
  • Page 282, third paragraph, 5th sentence: "Indeed, green soldiers of the 11th Armored Division seem to have shot twenty surrendered German soliders..." [See Burnett Miller interview in Exclusive Content section]
  • P. 339, Note 65: “Piper testified that....” [note not Peiper]
  • p. 380, Index: Günsche, SS-Maj. Otto, is misspelled