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Fatal Crossroads: 2012 Tour of the Malmedy Massacre at the Baugnez Museum

In June 2012 we will have a tour of the Malmedy Massacre at Baugnez, Belgium as a tie-in with my new book, Fatal Crossroads.  This tour will also be coordinated with the Baugnez 44 Museum and feature a detailed expedition along the historical route of the Kampfgruppe Peiper.  What mysteries of Malmedy are yet to be solved?  You'll be among the first to know!  There will be a cocktail reception at the museum after the event.

Unlike December 1944, the weather should be warm.  We'll enjoy wonderful Belgian food and drink, and a fantastic tour like no other.

Join us to participate in an important historical event.

Stay tuned for details.



I am not able to make a trip to Malmedy but would appreciate it if someone could take some pics for me of the Malmedy Wall & especially the brick that has the name Cecil J. Cash on it. This soldier was my mother's first husband. He along with another soldier were executed prior to the main massacre. I would be glad to pay for these pictures. Thanks!! Esther M. Ziock Carroll - Potosi, Mo. 63664 USA

Dear Esther,

It would be my pleasure to provide you with an image of the Malmedy Wall and especially the plate of Cecil J. Cash the next time I will visit the crossroads. You are welcome to contact me at:
Sincerely, Mike Smeets